More Than A Hopechest

More Than A Hopechest by Amber Moellerby Amber Dawn Moeller

Paperback booklet, 43 pages. Published by Being Virtuous Women, 2003.

A Brief Description: From the beginning of time, the Lord has called us to the great high calling of being helpmeets to our husbands.

This is a role which couldn’t bring more satisfaction and reward! With our hands, we have the ability to build a home where there is refreshment and a sweet retreat from worldly cares, and to raise up godly children who will honor Christ and live faithfully to the Word of God.

How can we be prepared for such a glorious calling? By cultivating a servant’s heart, and by learning today how to be a wife and mother.

What are some things that we should do in our maiden years?

We shall explore many aspects of what it means to be prepared, and some ways that we can cultivate valuable life-skills, and more.

What we do now and in our future homes, for the glory of Christ, will mold and shape the generations to come. Let’s embrace our calling and march steadily on!

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Comments About “More Than A Hopechest”

“I read it today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not having been raised in a Christian home it gave me some valuable ideas as to how to shepherd our daughter toward her future calling. My husband looks forward to reading it as well.”
~ C.S. from IN

“Your book, More Than a Hopechest, is encouraging, motivating, and explained so well I could not have related anything better myself. Christ really gave you the perfect words to help young women not only see but put in practice this higher calling. I want to personlly thank you for writing this work of art.”
~ L.T.

“Thus far I have not read a little book more packed with meditated and specific direction, covering every subject a young woman who craves to be a diligent governess of her home needs, as Amber Moeller expresses in More Than a Hopechest. I was made to think, by this bound work, over what I have set as goals for myself for the coming years.”
~ L. from TX

“I write to thank you for writing such an encouraging book, More Than a Hopechest. I received it for Christmas this year and I am reading it for the third time. I graduate from college next December and am unsure about my next step. I have always feared never marrying so I did not set my hopes upon it. But I have come to understand that I desire it in my heart and the Lord will either give me my desires or direct them elsewhere. Either way, I can fully trust Him with my hopes. So of late I have begun a journey to prepare myself for marriage and your booklet has encouraged me SO much. I just cannot begin to sing its praises. The very first page exhorted me to ‘do my husband good all the days of my life’ and I cannot cease thinking of this concept. So I am gathering some experience with children, homemaking, hard work, and marriage excitement! I just bought three notebooks to make the books you suggest for homemaking, home decorating, and wedding plans. I have gathered some old articles and pictures from different places to include. And my crowning achievement: taking my sister to the dentist, cleaning all day, and making dinner. A small victory. Thank you so much for your book. May the Lord smile on you and richly bless you.”
~ Laura

“This is a sweet and thoughtful booklet written by an unmarried young woman who is preparing for the day when she will be a keeper-at-home. While the collection of items to be used in her future home is a worthwhile undertaking for any young lady, Miss Moeller’s book addresses much more than that. This book primarily addresses what it means for that young lady to prepare her life and heart for that future role of being a homemaker. Containing many helpful and practical suggestions, it is designed to help Christian young ladies to examine this calling by God and to seek to fulfill His purposes in their lives…”
~ M.R. of Speakable Gifts

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