Book Review: More Than A Hopechest

Review by Mrs. Crystal Paine

More Than A Hopechest By Amber Moeller

Every young lady should have a copy of this booklet in her book collection. More than a Hopechest was written and published by homeschool graduate Amber Moeller.

I have come to know Amber over the past few years and count her as a dear friend. Her life exemplifies the message she shares in this booklet. She is contentedly serving the Lord alongside her family in her single years, while at the same time wisely preparing herself to be a Godly helpmeet for her future husband.

In this beautiful booklet, Amber begins by giving young women a vision for the high calling of being a Godly wife and mother. She then imparts valuable insight on how young women can cultivate a servant’s heart and spend their maiden years in a God-honoring fashion.

More Than a Hopechest explores many aspects of how a young lady can practically prepare herself for marriage by learning life-skills and serving her family and community. The author shares numerous ideas and insights from her life and personal experience. This booklet also includes an excellent recommended reading list on subjects such as building Godly character, learning life-skills, submission, hospitality, and homemaking.

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